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Present Your App To The World With Android Ultimate

Android Ultimate has over 25+ Modules embedded in a single template.


25+ Modules

This Template has over 25+ Modules at present. we are planning to add more modules every month.(as per your request.)

Material Highlights

This Section includes all the Highlights of Google's Material Design. Such as Toolbar, Tabs, FAB, Recyclerview, Pickers & Dialogs.

Android Patterns

This Includes all the common patterns of Android App. Such as App Intro, Login, Pull To Refresh, Textview & UI Elements.

Offers A Wide Range Of Features

Material Design

All graphic elements used are inspired from Google's Material Design, with animated Drawer Icon, Rippleā€™s and Card layouts.

Ready to Use

Just Drag & Drop the XML files & Import Modules to use it in your App.



This Template has over 8 themes. So change the App color according to your Mood :P

Well Documented

Instructions for first app (installing java, sdk etc). Step by step importing and customizing of the template.

AndroidUltimate AndroidUltimate




What Do You Get With Android Ultimate Template

  • 1. Ready to Use - App Source Code with 25+ Modules
  • 2. Well Documented Doucmentation
  • 3. How To Do - Video Tutorials

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